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Reading: Scott Adams

I’ve only read one book by Scott Adams:

  • God’s Debris (3 Jan 2008) — free PDF

The Translucent Amoebae Consortium pointed me to this one. Subtitled A Thought Experiment and framed as a conversation with a person who literally knows everything, it offers a lot of interesting and provocative ideas on topics ranging from metaphysics to relationship advice. The main idea, to which the title refers, is that suicide would be the only interesting challenge for an omnipotent being, and that the world as we know it may have been created by God’s blowing himself up in the Big Bang. The hypothesis itself isn’t all that plausible — one wonders why an uncreated, unevolved God would experience boredom, the desire for challenge, or any other animal emotion — but that’s not really the point. Interestingly wrong ideas can be at least as useful as correct ones if they make you think, which Adams’s certainly do.

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