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Reading: Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey

I’ve read one book by Hopkins and Rainey:

  • Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic Beings (19 Dec 2003)

I don’t remember what Hopkins and his wife have to say about UFO invisibility, but their discussion of “transgenic beings” (meaning the human-Grey “hybrids” many abductees report seeing) is pretty weak. They conclude that because scientists are able to transfer genes between very different species (inserting a salmon gene into a tomato, for example), it’s equally plausible that the Greys would be able to insert some of their genes into a human being. But the only reason tomatoes can use salmon genes is that both species use the same genetic molecule, DNA, and use the same genetic code to read it — and the only reason that is the case is that the two species are descended from a common ancestor. If the Greys are “aliens” in the fullest sense, coming from another planet where life originated independently of earth, then the chance of their being DNA-based and using the same genetic code as humans is virtually zero. If human-Grey transgenic beings exist, that is very strong evidence that the Greys are not absolutely alien but are our distant evolutionary cousins. This would have been an interesting line of thinking to pursue, but it seems not to have occurred to the authors.

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