Blog terminated

This (here, now, you, me!) is a world in which religion is just grist to the mass media mill, marriage and family are grist to the media mill, our surface opinions and deepest convictions are grist…

We are all hack journalists now; thinking the thoughts and living the lives of hacks.

— Bruce Charlton (qv)

I have decided to stop blogging for the foreseeable future.

I have always been an infrequent poster, and in theory posting just a few times a month shouldn’t be all that different from not posting at all — but I nevertheless find that the very prospect of posting (even if hardly ever realized) affects how I think and live. I am, as Bruce says, thinking the thoughts and living the life of a hack.  Publication has insinuated itself into my mind as the implicit goal of all thought, with the result that even my private reading, thinking, and pondering have become fundamentally unserious, interested more in being clever than in finding the truth.

I am, therefore, monk-style, taking a vow of mass-media silence. I will leave existing entries online, but nothing new will be added. Personal communication is of course still welcome; I can be reached at my address, which is wiltyc.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


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4 responses to “Blog terminated

  1. chrstphre campbell

    I’ve often thought that if you have a small child, you should save up all the crap that they create and toss it carelessly into a drawer specifically designated for this purpose, and then,every year or so, when it gets full, you’d summarily edit it into a bound volume and store it in a dry place or safe deposit box.
    I should hope that you’ll continue to scribble down various thoughts from Time to time when one nags at you, like a hungry cat walks around on your face in the early mornings.
    Then edit them into a marginally illustrated Issuu every few months.
    Be sure and send out notifications, or start a neglected facebook account.
    ( ! )

  2. Of course I will continue to record my thoughts, but I will no longer be publishing them on Issuu, Facebook, or anywhere else.

  3. Wm Jas: I discovered your blog sometime last year, if memory serves, via Bruce Charlton and I’ve checked in on it from time to time ever since. The writing here was characterized by your precocious intelligence, arcane interests, and the fascinating quality of your experiences with serendipity, synchronicity, etc. Though I understand your desire to free your reading and thinking from the implicit teleology of blogging, I will miss your blogging all the same and I do hope you’ll reconsider. In any event, I’m sure to spend some time in your archives.

    Thanks for the interesting, intriguing reading and best wishes!

  4. Just found your blog as I was searching for info on Dante translation comparison. Your entry was very helpful. Then I discovered you have stopped blogging. I look forward to browsing through your previous posts, especially if I can find more about the Comedia.

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