“Regular Joe” surnames



Mr. Blow has been the frontrunner all along, ever since generic Joes first rose to prominence and began to compete with generic Johns (Doe, Q. Public). Joe Bloggs enjoyed his quarter-hour of fame in the nineties but ended up falling as quickly as he had risen. Shmoe has always been my Joe of choice, so I’m gratified to see him gaining steadily, playing tortoise to Bloggs’s hare. If current trends continue, he’s set to surpass Blow within the next 10 years or so.



In Britain, on the other hand, Bloggs is unstoppable


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4 responses to ““Regular Joe” surnames

  1. How does Joe Bloggs (in the UK) compare with John Smith? John Smith is a bit more middle England, middle class.

  2. I only looked at average Joes here, but when it comes to average Johns, the results are similar on both sides of the Atlantic: John Smith comes out on top, John Doe is a distant second, and John Q. Public is an also-ran. Of course, the problem is that John Smith is an actual name. (At least 38 different people called John Smith are prominent enough to have Wikipedia pages — and that’s counting only plain John Smiths. If we include all the John Derek Smiths and John Maynard Smiths and so on, there are well over 100.) This contaminates the results and makes it impossible to say how popular it is as a Joe-Shmoe-type generic name.

  3. how are you collecting this data ?

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