A minor precognitive/synchronistic dream

I had a dream Saturday night in which I was walking down a deserted street naked, trying to find a towel or something so I could cover up. Then I saw a person approaching, so I put my hands down to shield my privates from view. After standing in that position for several seconds, I looked down and noticed that I was not actually naked after all, but was wearing a pair of light gray boxer shorts — so there was no need to hold my hands over my crotch.

The next day, my wife was watching the Singaporean film “Taxi! Taxi!” on TV, and I saw parts of it. In one scene, some passengers get out of a taxi and run away without paying, and the driver (played by Gurmit Singh) chases them down. In the altercation that follows, one of the passengers forces the driver to strip down to his boxers — and the driver stands there with his hands over his crotch, as if trying to cover up what is already adequately covered by the shorts.

The shorts I was wearing in my dream were almost identical to the ones worn by Singh in the movie, and quite unlike anything I wear in real life.


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2 responses to “A minor precognitive/synchronistic dream

  1. TinyWanda

    I have to the best of my recollections; never had a precognitive dream, but a few weeks ago I was watching breaking bad ( TV Show ) and one of the characters got his ear partially shot off in a very distinctive way, and I thought, isn’t that curious, I saw that same scene in a different movie only a few days ago, which I then tried to locate, but I couldn’t, so that now I believe that I dreamt the first ear shooting !
    Then the other day, I was dreaming of a child murderer that I was watching ( 3rd person over view ) and in this dream, there was a very vivid detail of a kitten lapping at the liquefying remains of one of the victims, and I thought; isn’t that a curious detail that my brain would have added to this dream, if it were merely random noise being generated by my brain stem ( or whatever the current theory of dreams is ) ???

  2. Andrew

    Do you suppose it’s possible Deja-Vu is caused by this sort of thing?

    The only experience I remember vividly was having a dream of my Grandpa grabbing his pain in agony, then finding out a the next day that he had a heart attack!

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