Blogging suspended for a while

I will be posting even less regularly than usual, if at all, over the next couple of months.


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2 responses to “Blogging suspended for a while

  1. Are you having some kind of Ontological Crisis ( ??? )

    You should have already picked this up; But we here at the Church of The Riders of The Golden Hamster look at all the ‘Paradoxes’* of Freewill, Consciousness, Transluminous Quixotic Sprites, Bigfeet & Dust Mites as Very Strong Evidence that Humanimals are simply incapable of the Phenomena that we mistakenly call ‘Thinking’ And that there is ‘Something Something’ that supercedes all of that.
    Don’t Worry.
    Be Happy.
    Be Happy Damnit !

    – – –
    * There are NO Paradoxes. All Apparent Paradoxes are merely examples of poor sentence structure.

  2. Life is an ontological crisis, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

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