Synchronicity: My birthday

I was born on the Ides — that is, the 15th — of March. (I’ve been told that my grandfather, who died shortly before I was born and whose name I bear, used to say “Beware the Ides of March!” sometimes for no apparent reason, though my father does not remember this.)

Today — my birthday — my wife and I were working in our study. She was preparing for a class with a junior high school student she tutors, looking at a handout from the student’s English teacher at school. She found the following example sentences on the handout and had to show them to me:


“It’s March 16th. It was my birthday yesterday.” The fact that the handout (photocopied from a grammar textbook) just happened to use my birthday as an example would have been coincidence enough — but on top of that it was actually on my birthday that we happened to read it!

But the coincidences don’t stop there. Wanting to give her student some additional material to practice, she asked me if I had any grammar books that covered the same topic. I got out an old grammar book I’d bought some 10 years ago in America and turned to the relevant unit. Here’s what I found:


“Is it the fifteenth today? ~ No, the sixteenth.” The same two dates that had been used as an example on the other handout!

I guess the synchronicity would have been more perfect if this had all happened tomorrow rather than today — but it’s still quite striking enough to be almost creepy.


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5 responses to “Synchronicity: My birthday

  1. Just in case you don’t know where your grandfather’s quote came from:

  2. Yes, I know where it’s from, but my uncle says he used to quote it “in a non sequitur sort of way.”

  3. I used to know somebody who, whenever he came into the room, or during a pause in conversation, would intone: “Life, the Universe, and Everything!”


    Some people seem to be like that!

  4. chrstphre campbell

    I hate to one-up you, but years and years ago, I had a horrible job taking care of a very abusive woman for virtually no pay, and one afternoon, on my birthday, I set out to wander around, as no one was throwing me a party or anything.

    So I was wandering through this neighborhood that I’d never been to before and I happened to notice on a telephone pole a note — or was it painted on the pole? — that said, “Happy Birthday Rocky!” — which was the name (and still is my childhood nickname) that I was going by at that time. It wasn’t till a few more years after this that I legally changed my name to Chrstphre.

    I interpreted this to mean that the Angels (Xi.6 Controllers) were watching over me. I also interpret right angles seen in clouds to be a good omen.

  5. Right angles in clouds? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

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