Two hymns

I often post about songs that can be mixed together or sung simultaneously, but usually I just link to each song and let the reader imagine the combination for himself. Here’s one where I actually went to the trouble of combining them myself and making an audio file (which I’ve uploaded to YouTube as a video, since WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload MP3s).

The songs are two Christian hymns, “All Creatures of Our God and King” (Lasst Uns Erfreuen) and “He Is Risen” (Unser Herrscher by Joachim Neander, sung in some churches as “Open Now Thy Gates of Beauty”). I did this arrangement back in the nineties.


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2 responses to “Two hymns

  1. chrstphre

    i have given this a little ( tiny ) amount of thought in the past, as these ‘comparisons’ of yours make my brain hurt, right near the left obstriphicles ( ? ), but i suspect, from what little ( tiny ) work i have done with Garageband ( included with every Macintosh ) that it would be quite easy to load both songs into the editing panes ( usually reserved for instruments ( real or imagined ) or recorded singing, but can be used to load mp3’s and then simply ‘edit’ them together using a variety of tools, including moving, cutting, duplicating, stretching & shrinking desired segments ( ? ) ( i think ) ( ? )
    It would make what your ‘Imagining’ much easier to ‘Audiolize’
    Sproogles !

  2. I don’t have a Mac, but I’m sure I could find similar software available for free if I looked.

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