My reduced version of Pascal’s wager

If nothing matters, then it doesn’t matter if you’re wrong.

Therefore, don’t waste time considering the possibility that nothing matters.

(But — don’t be too quick to dismiss a theory just because it seems to imply nihilism. It might not imply what you think it does.)


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3 responses to “My reduced version of Pascal’s wager

  1. This is a little like my conundrum of whether or not angels ( xi.6 controllers ) meddle in all our affairs, or only meddle in some of our affairs?
    Just how much Freedom are we allowed to exercise?
    There is a Continuum of :
    Nothing Matters – – – – Somethings Matter – – – – Everything Matters
    Along the x Axis
    And :
    Concern for Matters along the y Axis …
    i will have to make up a Graphic of this and plot out points of correlation and what they infer ( ??? )

    If social responsibility were really this simple,
    Then ( ? ) something something.

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