The dream experiment is up and running

I’ve begun my Dunne-inspired experiment in dream precognition and will be posting my dream notes (records of dreams, together with notes on their connections with my past and future waking life) on this site. The notes on a given dream will not be published until one month after the dream itself, but I started the experiment just over a month ago, so a couple of dreams are up already. You can read more details of the experiment here.

I’ve found several links between dreams and future events, but so far nothing impressive enough to cast serious doubt on the null hypothesis that dreams do not contain precognitive elements.


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2 responses to “The dream experiment is up and running

  1. I would like it if in the documentary section it is absolutely unambiguous as to whether a paragraph is a dream, dream commentary, waking event that correlates with a dream or commentary on a waking event that correlates with a dream or a previous dream commentary.

  2. Chrs, the first section of each post is a description of a dream. When a dream description includes parenthetical comments which refer to real life, I try to make this clear — for example, “my friend Bob (no one I know in real life).” The sections headed “Inspiration” and “Fulfillment” deal with real-life events (pre- and post-dream, respectively) which seem to be related to the content of the dream.

    I hope this is explicit and unambiguous enough. If you have a specific question about whether a specific sentence refers to a dream or to real life, or is commentary, feel free to leave a comment asking.

    By the way, I have taken the liberty of editing your comment to standardize the capitalization and punctuation. None of the words themselves have been changed. I will probably be doing the same with your future comments, as a courtesy to my other readers. Hope you’re cool with that.

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