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Bladder stones in sugar gliders: update

In a previous post I discussed the bladder stones three of my sugar gliders have suffered and said that the stones were calcium oxalate, which they certainly appeared to be based on the color, shape, etc. However, the vet had them analyzed in a lab and has just told me that they were actually calcium phosphate, meaning that they weren’t caused by spinach or any other high-oxalate food. The most likely culprit is now the calcium phosphate powder which we had been giving our mealworms as a dietary supplement (recommended by a different vet). Since mealworms are already quite high in phosphorus, this was probably a very bad idea. The vet also says that the problem may not be dietary at all, that the gliders may just not have been drinking enough water — but I doubt that, since one of the gliders who had a stone really drinks a lot of water.


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