Quotes from the subconscious

Dreams themselves are often too tedious to recount, but sometime they produce some great lines. Here are a few memorable quotes I’ve gleaned from dreams and recitations. (By “recitation” I mean a dream-like state which is entirely non-visual, usually consisting of a voice speaking rapidly for long stretches as if reciting something from memory. It’s a bit like listening to a radio news program, but even weirder. Does anyone else experience this?)

Even a cat can recognize a Bach fugue. Think about it. Even a cat. You should buy one. Even a cat can recognize it.
From a salesman selling Bach CDs.

…like ant-men too shiny for their clothes.
A reciter’s description of two young turks at a mathematics convention. It’s meant to make them sound brilliant, overconfident, and slightly sinister.

“If I can ask a goat questions, then I can ask you.” It’s catchy, but it’s not a proverb — until now.
A reciter reporting the winning entry in a proverb contest.

…under the benign governance of the Anathoth, the Monothoth, and Benathoth, and the Torothoth.
From a reciter’s description of a utopia called, if I remember correctly, Quartslagen. I just like the names. Anathoth is a city in the Bible, but the others don’t seem to mean anything — though I did find a reference to “Thoth el Toro de toros en la Gran Mansión.”

This is the last time / I’ll ever walk / I know they’re gonna tell me I ain’t got no legs
A song we sang as we danced around in a circle in some kind of low-gravity setting. I can still remember the tune.


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