Undeveloped idea: Tarot triangles

The figure below includes 78 triangles: 22 “upside down” and 56 “right side up.”

The tarot deck includes 78 cards: 22 trumps and 56 suit cards. There should be some convincingly non-arbitrary way of mapping the one set to the other.

My first idea was to divide the figure into four “suits” thus:

For each of the four colors, there are 13 triangles that are only that color — frustratingly close to being perfect, since there are 14 cards in each suit.

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One response to “Undeveloped idea: Tarot triangles

  1. I jumped at the 56!
    Using the link between a celestial lightning or plasma column to the Vedic sutratma, or umbilicus of life from above to below, I found a study on the effects of a plasma column on a surface. One such column leaves an imprint of 56 holes. These are seen at Stonehenge and other similar landmarks. The same shape is seen in certain supernovae.
    The ancient Buddhist diamond sutra may be translated as a a “vajra” or thunderbolt weapon cutter… So it is the weapon which cuts the perfect diamond.
    Plasma scientist Anthony Perrat made the link from stone carvings, temples etc and 56 fold symmetry. He also links therefore 28 … Which makes me wonder if the Tarot might be expanded! Or perhaps there are hidden extras in 6 of the major arcana?
    If you go to the page Carbon perfected on my website http://www.cropcircleconnected.com you will find this connection explained and illustrated further.
    In their extraordinary work, Alice Bailey and the Master D.K expound the great importance of triangles and triangular relationship.
    I’m not sure at present how this can help your idea but it might interest you!

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